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Glorious lampshades

The lampshade is often overlooked, or an after-thought, when it comes to decorating a room. I believe lampshades are as essential to completing your interior design as accessories are to finishing a special outfit. The shape, design and colour can make a room look more - or less - formal, feminine or masculine for example. Lampshades can be used to inject colour or add humour. The possibilities are endless: a bespoke lampshade will complement your lamp, light up your home and set the mood.

My name is Isobel Howard. I co-founded a company making soft-furnishings in London in the early 1980's and have been actively involved in the soft-furnishing trade ever since. I love lampshades and decided to put my lampshade making skills to good use after noticing a gap in the market for beautiful, unique, hand-sewn lampshades and the repair and restoration of treasured lampshades. I make all the lampshades in my studio near Ashford in Kent; my attention to detail throughout the process ensures the lampshades are made to the highest standard.

Bespoke lampshades, traditionally made at our studio near Ashford in Kent

Beautifully crafted, bespoke lampshades

My pleated, swathed, gathered and tailored soft lampshades are stitched by hand. Hand-sewn soft lampshades are far superior to "hand-made" (glued together) soft lampshades. I recommend lining the lampshades in silk - not only does this look luxurious, it reflects the light and is naturally fire resistant.

I also hand-make rigid (card-backed) lampshades with hand-rolled edges. This type of lampshade can be made with fabric - or wallpaper - and is available in a variety of shapes and interior finishes.

At the studio there is a range of lampshade frames and ring-sets together with a selection of silks, fabrics and trimmings (I am also very happy to use suitable fabric supplied by you). I often have frames and ring-sets specially made - your choice of style, size and fitting.

All my lampshades are made at my studio near Ashford, Kent, in South East England. My lampshades are lovingly made with huge emphasis on attention to detail throughout the process. 

Lampshade maker for custom made, hand-sewn, unique lampshades

Made in Kent

All my lampshades are made at my studio at Bilting Farm Business Centre, on the A28 between Ashford and Canterbury (M20: J9). 

There is a large range of new and vintage lampshade frames, fabrics, trimmings and card linings to choose from at the studio.

Though much of my work is for interior designers and the trade, I welcome commissions from discerning individuals seeking unique and special lampshades.

Visitors are welcome to visit by appointment - there is ample free, on-site parking. 

Please call or email to make an appointment. 

Unique, made-to-measure, hand sewn lampshades. Traditionally made near Ashford, Kent

Re-covering, re-lining and replacements

If you have a much-loved but tatty lampshade I will be delighted to give it a new lease of life. I offer a service whereby soft lampshades are entirely re-covered or simply re-lined. I have a range of trimmings and am often able to re-use the original trimmings if required.

I also re-make rigid lampshades - this is particularly useful when the lampshade has a non-standard fitting or is a non-standard shape or size.

Re-covering or re-making a lampshade, whether it is soft or rigid, takes as many hours of work as making a new lampshade.

I can have copy / new lampshade frames made so if you have a single lampshade frame (whether modern or vintage) but need more; if you have a specific shape in mind or if your lampshade frame has been damaged, I can help.

Re-cover traditional lampshades. Our studio in Ashford, Kent is a short journey from London

Quality, not quantity and other values

This is not just my job, this is a passion! I love making lampshades. A beautifully made lampshade takes a lot of skill, patience and time. I work hard every day to make The Lampshade Lady a trusted and respected brand. Working with discerning clients, the personal service results in outstanding lampshades offering premium quality and style. 

The Lampshade Lady is proud to maintain "old-fashioned" values - integrity, courtesy and treating others as you wish to be treated yourself.

Quality, hand sewn, custom made lampshades made in Ashford, a short journey from London